• Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to pass??

There’s no exact figure, it depends on your commitment and ability to coordinate the controls of the car. My methods work around you, so the faster you develop, the sooner you’ll be ready to take your test.

 I’m very anxious about driving, should I learn?

Anxiety can be a difficult hurdle to overcome, but it’s more common that some people think. I’ve taught many people who struggle with confidence and I adapt my methods to make sure you feel safe and comfortable during your training.

Why should I choose to learn manual over automatic?

Manual cars offer far more control to the driver, at low speeds – where it can be very important. The fuel consumption is better too. By 2040, most cars will be an automatic, as we will be switching to electric vehicles, so things may change nearer that time, but I’ve taught in both and have always preferred manual cars.

Why 2 hour lessons?

I believe that any shorter lessons are far less productive. If you allow 20 minutes or so for briefing, debriefing and other necessary stationary discussions, there isn’t much time for left for driving, in shorter lessons.

Why do examiners put learners under so much pressure?

Do they? I had no idea… I’ve never seen an examiner try to make a student fail, apply unnecessary pressure, or feel pleased with themselves when a learner fails their test. The myth that examiners want you to fail is ridiculous.

Why is learning to drive so expensive?

To maintain all of the working equipment, licences, and the day-to-day running costs of being an instructor is expensive. We aren’t as rich as some people seem to think. It also has to be considered that most days we’re literally risking our lives to train new drivers.

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